The wait is over...

SharePoint 2016 was released with a bang!

The change and migration with latest technology is inevitable in today’s world. Positive approach to the changing scenario leads to success. But a transformation or a change without a plan of actions can cause you face a failure.

This need to be taken care of while migrating to SharePoint 2016. A beforehand Plan for migration can ensure that your process works smoothly.

Here are the Few tips you need to follow before you board a flight to migrate on SharePoint 2016.


Content Review & Audit

The audit must be designed in such a way that you keep aside the outdated and irrelevant content or data in the old system. The aim of the activity should be clearly defined. It seems to be a usual process but most of the clients’ neglect to follow this basic requirement which turns to be a nightmare later on. Be crystal clear of what are the things that you want to pass on to the new system. This only makes your journey of migration hassle free and smooth.


Fix your 80/20 Goal

If you are relating this concept to real estate sector than you are going in wrong direction. This only means that 80% of your user utilizes only 20% of the content on your intranet. It is a must follow rule for client to identify the most critical and important content and mark it as first priority. It was nice said by Stephen Covey, “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to Schedule your priorities.”


Analyze and Finalize SharePoint Migration Strategy

The challenge arises in selecting the method of SharePoint migration for your organization. There are three core methods of migrating content: Manual, Automated or a mixture of both.
  • Automated - No manual effort required. It can only be determined on a case-to-case basis and therefore not feasible for every project
  • Manual Migration – Simple to perform but equally monotonous process. It requires manual supervision for copying content
  • Partially Automated Migration – The best method to select for migration. Mix of Automated and Manual Migration. Here, Structured content can be automated. The older and unstructured content can be migrated manually


Secured Migration at every step

The Best-in-Class migration approach will make sure that your old system is secured. Manual approach is required to adhere to previous security policies. Finalize the content first before moving content to cloud. Move the content which is appropriate for this entirely different domain.


Post migration check-points

This is one of the major task. It is said that the actual work starts post-migration. Once your SharePoint migration is completed, the real work of post-migration clean-up begins. The post migration responsibilities can be the difference between a best-in-class migration and a poorly executed one (cleaning up page layouts, testing links, granting security and permissions).

The Migration process requires a guidance of experts in the industry. IOTAP can make your Journey smooth without any hurdle to your business continuity. To Know how we can help you get in touch with the SharePoint experts from IOTAP.