Microsoft 365 - IT Infrastructure Cost Optimization

It’s no secret that in most organizations the cost related with IT is considered an overhead expenditure and companies look to keep this cost at the minimum, expecting high-value in return. Apart from the cost, the IT department faces numerous additional challenges related to hardware failures, updates & upgrades, backup, support and troubleshooting. Moving to Microsoft 365 helps in all these aspects. Microsoft 365 reduces IT infrastructure, licensing and support costs. You save on the effort spent on deploying, managing, and operating on-premise servers. Moving to Microsoft 365 also helps eradicate the cost of maintaining a data center. Reports show that over a 5 year period organization can save up to 45% of their IT cost by moving to the cloud. Over the years, IOTAP has garnered a reputation for providing best-in-class Microsoft 365 services to clients in India and abroad. IOTAP has also recently won the Cloud Partner of the Year award India.

Overhaul Your Processes

Multiple people can edit documents stored on SharePoint at the same time, enabling them to collaborate more easily. This not only reduces your storage costs but also ensures everyone has access to the latest version of the document at all times

Save on Licensing Costs  

With Microsoft 365 you have the flexibility to purchase only the licenses required for each individual employee. It’s also hard to keep track of licensing costs and there’s often confusion over switching licenses

Financially backed 99.9% Uptime

Get peace of mind knowing that these services are available with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, with a financially backed service level agreement? What more would any IT manager dream of?

IT Resources

Updates happen automatically so you rely less on your IT personnel giving them more time to concentrate on helping the users get the most out of the system, rather than the day to day housekeeping

No Hardware cost

Upgrading or buying a new server, along with the on-going expenses of maintaining and troubleshooting for hardware adds up to a huge capital expense. With Microsoft 365, you only need end user machines with an internet connection

No upgrade charges

With Microsoft 365 you’ will always have access to the latest versions; you won’t have to pay to upgrade your applications anymore

Flexible Licensing

Compared to traditional purchasing, Office 365 subscriptions are supremely flexible. You can use the full Office suite on up to five devices for each user. Office 2013 through volume licensing gives you the rights to run it on two devices. With Microsoft 365, you can create a custom selection of plans according to the user’s task and needs

Cut Your Travel Costs

Visiting clients, suppliers or remote offices for a meeting, costs time and money in travel. You can radically reduce the need to travel by using Lync’s advanced Instant Message capabilities, audio and video conferencing with the ability of sharing desktops

You are always torn between requiring the best technology for your business for continuous growth and balancing your budget. Given the uncertainty of the worldwide economy, more companies are expected to focus on smaller IT budgets and headcounts. IOTAP provides the best in cloud solutions for all business owners, product managers and IT heads. All the features can be rented per annum or month, changing the number of users and the features available to them as often as you need. Also, because you’re renting the software, you will always have access to the latest versions; you won’t have to pay to upgrade your applications anymore.