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In the current economic environment with increasing business intricacies, companies are rallying to cut costs and increase operational effectiveness & productivity which has lead to organizations strategizing IT infrastructure migration to the cloud. Cloud migration is a complex process, which requires experience and comprehensive knowledge. This is where businesses like you can benefit from IOTAP's experience on Windows Azure.

Windows Azure is a complete cloud ecosystem from Microsoft. It provides a comprehensive cloud platform that includes Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) & Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

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IOTAP has been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for more than a decade. IOTAP is also an Azure Cloud Platform Partner. As a technology consultant IOTAP can create a complete suite of application server, storage and services which will be tailor made to suit, your business objectives and priorities.

Why IOTAP for Windows Azure Development

IOTAP has the required Azure resources including project managers, consultants and engineers that have extensive years of experience and harnessed skills and expertise in, migrating, deploying, building and running applications on the cloud.


IOTAP has a dedicated team of Azure developers with pioneering custom application development expertise


IOTAP assures 100% quality along with viable pricing for Azure services


IOTAP provides 24×7 technical assistance to Azure customers


10+ years of experience with various Microsoft technologies including SharePoint, CRM Dynamics and Office 365


Microsoft Certified developers having years of experience in developing cloud solutions

IOTAP’s Azure Development Services

Benefits of Azure


  • Cost control

    It enables you to get rid of additional expenses involved in maintenance, depreciation and computing infrastructure through MS Data Centre

  • Adapting to demands

    It empowers you to scale up and down with the varying requirements and therefore, helping you keep up the pace with the changing market conditions

  • Faster growth

    Windows Azure has been designed keeping mind the ever changing business requirements

  • Multiple services

    Helps you leverage from the services like SharePoint and Dynamics CRM, implement a custom development solution and migration from the existing applications