Managing mobile apps and devices is now easy

Microsoft Intune, formerly known as Windows Intune, is an MDM (Mobile Device Management) Solution that provides enterprises with a solution to all their MDM and MAM (Mobile Application Management) problems. With Intune, enterprises can let their employees access Corporate data on the go, without worrying about Data security. Employees can enjoy all their favorite apps from virtually anywhere, without worrying about the Enterprise intruding on their personal data.


Features included

Microsoft Intune

System Center Configuration Manager
20 GB of storage for application distribution
Software distribution
PC Endpoint Protection
Software licensing inventory reports
Hardware inventory reports
Mobile device app publishing
Alerts and monitoring
Security policy management
Conditional access

(Conditional access features also require an Azure AD Premium license)

99.9% scheduled uptime service level agreement
Best-in-class support

Intune in 5 simple steps


Remote users enroll to Intune through remote devices such as computers and mobile devices in order to access corporate data on-the-go


software and security updates easily on all or selective mobile devices through a central location


corporate apps remotely and get regular inventory reports


corporate data by keeping it exclusive to corporate apps managed by the admin


personal data from corporate data, thus ensuring user’s privacy

Why Microsoft Intune


Central Device Management

Remotely manage and update all mobile devices enrolled with the enterprise’s Microsoft Intune portal from a central computer, controlled by the admin.


Choose from multiple mobile platforms

Remote devices such as Windows PCs, computers running Mac OS X, or phones running iOS, Android, or Windows phone can be enrolled into and managed by Microsoft Intune, making it one of the best mobile device management solutions.


Cloud-based infrastructure

No need of spending on hardware infrastructure for implementing this MDM solution, as Intune runs on a cloud-based infrastructure.


Seamlessly manage Office Mobile

While employees can enjoy their favorite Office apps in the form of Office Mobile, the enterprise can ensure data security by controlling Office Mobile and all other Corporate apps, while ensuring privacy of the employees.


Integration with Existing infrastructure

Intune integrates with the existing infrastructure of the Enterprise, such as an Active Directory, with just a few clicks.


Stop counting devices for licensing

Licensing for Microsoft Intune is based on the number of users and not restricted to the number of devices each user uses the company portal from.