Zero On Premise Microsoft 365 license cost


Microsoft 365 pro-plus is the most expensive product on a moderate user’s machine. Office 365 offers the latest Office application which can be installed & accessed on 5 devices. The cost of moving to cloud is 18% of the perpetual Microsoft license cost. For more information read how to "Convert CAPEX into OPEX" and "IT Cost Optimization".


Comparing Microsoft 365 cost with the on-premise Office license cost, 6 years of Microsoft Microsoft 365 subscription cost is equal to one perpetual license.

Office 365 cost optimization


Why to opt for Microsoft 365 against Microsoft 365 Professional

  • Initial cost of Microsoft 365 is 18% of perpetual cost.
  • Lesser cost on implementation.
  • 1 user’s license cover 5 devices.
  • Subscription can be discontinued at your will.


Office 365 comes with other added features like:


One Drive Cloud Storage
Exchange Email on Cloud
Microsoft SharePoint
Lync Instant Messenger




Microsoft 365 - On Cloud

Office Standard - On Premise

License type Subscription - Monthly/Annual plans to choose or make your own plan Perpetual - Only 2 variants
Licensed to User Machine
Payment Terms Monthly 100% Upfront
ROI calculator - Link to workable EXCEL
Features* Fully Fledged Fully Fledged
Office on demand Yes. On any devices which can browse the internet. No. Limited to just one machine.
Multiple Devices Yes. One License covers 5 Devices NO. Device based licenses cover only one machine
Online Storage One Drive gives 1Tb of online storage, with backup No online storage. 
Backup  YES Additional costs


IOTAP will help you with all aspects of transition to cloud right from planning to post migration support. Through our well laid out delivery options we ensure that our customers derive the best value out of Office 365 solution.