• Content Management system

    A Document Management system eradicates productivity loss and gives users control to centrally maintain and manage projects, word files, team communication, reporting, issue tracking, etc. IOTAP has more than a decade worth of experiences helping customers across the world using Document Management systems to increase their organizations Collaboration & Productivity

  • Process Automation 

    Work environment today requires employees from different departments across the company and across the globe to contribute on a single project. IOTAP provides workflow and collaboration tools that helps you operate proficiently, reduce risk, and deliver superior service with help of Sharepoint

  • Enterprise Networking

    A Social workspace is a must to thrive in today’s environment. It takes a well networked and connected group of people to serve clients. IOTAP believes in creating value for customers & employees. With the help of Yammer, you can better adapt, listen and grow in new ways. Yammer can help drive innovation, collaboration and help you and your company move faster

  • Enterprise Instant Messenger 

    Monthly conferences and training sessions don’t address the advantages of collaboration anymore. Microsoft Lync services from IOTAP is a simple but perfect solution. It connects employees, customers and partners anytime and from any part of the world. Helping reduce cost, increase productivity and responsiveness

  • Email on Cloud solutions

    Organizations face challenges with maintaining information, multitude devices, rising cost of infrastructure, compliance ets and IOTAP understands these issues and has deployed cloud solutions within its own organization and for customers across the world. Microsoft Exchange hosting can vastly increase your productivity with collaboration tools such as meeting-schedulers, unlimited archiving, task list etc

  • The Azure Solution

    Cloud computing has transformed the IT world, effecting every entity, from service providers and system architects to developers and end-users and using a cloud computing platform service like Windows Azure provides companies with numerous benefits