• Why Data Governance

    IOTAP understands how Microsoft SharePoint can help you gain control of your business records from it's creation to it's disposition which is the main aim of an effective data governance system. A transition is needed in how we think about the challenges and how we use technology as part of the overall information management solution An effective data governance program is essential to any successful compliance strategy

  • Enterprise Content Management - Microsoft SharePoint

    IOTAP partners with you to enhance productivity by giving your employees, partners, and customers to effectively manage, and control organizational content and data this helps ensure you reduce litigation risk and your organization meets compliance and regulatory demands. Enterprise Content Management provided my Microsoft SharePoint is the best answer to help keep track of information of high value and dispose information with no-value

  • Zero On Premise Microsoft 365 license cost - Microsoft 365 

    Microsoft Office pro-plus is the most expensive product on a moderate user’s machine. Microsoft 365 offers the latest Office application which can be installed & accessed on 5 devices. The cost of moving to cloud is 18% of the perpetual Microsoft license cost. For more information read how to "Convert CAPEX into OPEX" and "IT Cost Optimization".

  • Back Up & Disaster Recovery - Microsoft Azure

    A disaster can be defined as any occasion that negatively influences an organizations business processes or finances. This could be anything from, power outages, flooding, network outage, system failure, property fire or any such event IOTAP has helped many Small and Mid-sized Businesses in ascertaining and Leveraging cloud services for Disaster Recovery