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Thus, May 28, 2020 

 Windows Virtual Desktop for Secure Remote Work 

 - Overview of Windows Virtual Desktop

 - Why cloud, why now?

 - Key capabilities – VDI for a scalable and flexible environment 

 - Benefits with WVD 

 - VDI licensing 

 - Q&A with solution expert from Microsoft

Thus, May 11, 2020 

 Exclusive Webinar for CA and Accounting Firms 

-Introduction to Teams, SharePoint, One Drive

-Securely Access and Share Data Internally and Externally

-Case Study

-Q&A with our solution expert


    Thus, May 7, 2020 

   Discover Security and Information Protection in Microsoft Teams

   – Overview of Information Protection Architecture

   – Set-up access control

   – Licensing, access policies, guest access control

   – Case study

   – Q&A with our solution expert

   Thus, April 30, 2020 

  How To Stay Productive While Working Remotely

  – Microsoft Teams for co-work and collaboration

  – Secure document storage in Teams

  – How to share & work on documents, reports with team during live meetings and co-author

  – Integration details - Microsoft Teams-SharePoint-One-drive 

  – Deep-dive demo & Q&A

microsoft Teams 2  Thus, April 23, 2020 

  Best Practices for Microsoft Teams to Work Productively 

 – Microsoft Teams Introduction 

 – What Microsoft Teams can do for you 

 – Features and Tips 

 – Microsoft Business Voice 

 – Next Steps