Microsoft Dynamics 365 – The Complete Business Computing Solution

On November 1st 2016, Microsoft launched its latest offering in business computing in the form of Microsoft Dynamics 365, by combining the features of its CRM and ERP services viz. Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 = CRM + Business Operations

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based, one-stop solution for all business challenges with the ease of navigating across functions.

Dynamics 365 – A New Approach

Since Microsoft is slowly departing from all its traditional Dynamics solutions, the approach for Dynamics 365 is also something that is beneficial for prospective customers.


Start with what you need and grow at your own pace


Familiar tools in the context of your business process


Built-in intelligence to proactively guide to optimal outcomes


Grow, evolve, and transform with modern extensible platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you achieve end-to-end business functionalities, and all of it delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud.

Scott Guthrie, Executive VP, Microsoft

What is new in Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 encompasses all the features and modules of Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX, giving a warm feeling of familiarity to existing Dynamics users. However, apart from providing a single umbrella of for all business challenges, Dynamics 365 also comes with a unique set of features, which makes it so special.

  • Integration
  • Relationship Assistant
  • Email Engagement
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Auto Capture

Being a cloud-based solution, Dynamics 365 lets users take full advantage of the Microsoft cloud, by seamlessly integrating with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure apart from being already connected with various apps and functions within itself. Whether it be customer relationship management or operations, users can easily navigate through one function to the other, without feeling disconnected. In Dynamics 365, not only the user interface, but the data is connected as well.

  • Office 365 integration

    Customers can get the advantage of full integration with Office 365 apps such as Outlook or Exchange, which in this case, makes it easier to know the customer details and communication history along with insights about the relationship with the customer, just with a few taps.

  • Power BI integration

    Power BI is Microsoft’s flagship business intelligence app and it is embedded throughout Dynamics 365. Due to Power BI being completely integrated with all your required business functions, getting insights in the form of charts and info-diagrams have become extremely easy. Power BI helps you make informed decisions based on the data that is accumulated and worked upon several functions.

This app allows service providers to monitor all activities, opportunities, and customer communication in a single location that is able to gauge that relationship’s health. Dynamics 365’s business intelligence capabilities will help your organization find patterns in the data and make informed decisions to optimize your communications based on analytics and analysis.

Author and monitor messages inside Dynamics 365. Track email performance and get insights into your most invested prospects with Dynamics 365 business intelligence capabilities. Microsoft’s Email Engagement app makes it easier to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Compare successful deals to current communications to discover patterns and optimize engagement with an app backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Understand prospect sentiments, and use metrics to inform your outreach and turn leads into sales.

With the Dynamics 365 Auto Capture app, you can instantly analyze your Microsoft Exchange inbox to locate important messages and trace them back to your communications via Dynamics 365. This is another example of Microsoft using artificial intelligence capabilities to improve communications and increase efficiency for sales and service professionals.

How can IOTAP help you?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider, we can extend our services right from explaining why and how you would benefit from Dynamics 365 to deployment to support. As a CRM Specialist, we have experts who have over a decade of experience in solving any problems that may arise in your journey to digital transformation through Microsoft Dynamics 365.