Back Up & Disaster Recovery - Microsoft Azure


Back up & recovery from a disaster is one of the most fundamentally crucial capabilities an organization should possess. A disaster can be defined as any occasion that negatively influences an organizations business processes or finances. This could be anything from, power outage, earth-quake, hurricane, flooding, network outage, system failure, property fire or any other such event.

IOTAP has helped many Small & Midsized Businesses in ascertaining and Leveraging cloud services for Disaster Recovery. With the help of IOTAP India organizations have understood that backing-up data in the cloud helps save money; no need of data center space/property, additional infrastructure and resources.

Windows Azure Backup & Recovery

Cloud Recovery Service

Recovery to the Cloud

With Azure you can have disaster free impact in the terms of cost with no need of an additional site that will store your data, It resources hire or hardware maintenance to deal with. With Microsoft Azure in India you can simply have a monthly subscription fee and usage if any.

Continuous Health Monitoring

Site Recovery monitors the state of your protected instances continuously and remotely from Azure. When replicating between two sites you control, your virtual machines’ data and replication remains on your networks. All communication with Azure is encrypted. When replicating to Azure as the secondary site, your data is encrypted and you can also select encryption for data at-rest.

Azure Site Monitor

Azure Reduced Costs

No over-heads

Reduce training, labor costs, and human errors with the built-in application-level intelligence and automated end to end recovery task orchestration.

Centralized Console

Centralized administration console is built in the cloud to manage all disaster recovery operations. It helps monitor the application health, recovery, shutdown, start-up. To top it off all communications while replicating with Azure happens almost continuously and in remains encrypted and on you network.

Central Management Console