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Firms are still marred with outdated, paper-driven processes that are time exhaustive and cumbersome to manage. In order for companies to grow, compete and be successful today they need to operate effectively and efficiently. Work environment today requires employees from different departments across the company and across the globe to contribute on a single project. 

IOTAP a SharePoint Development, Migration and Solution Company India provides workflow and collaboration tools that help you operate proficiently, reduce risk, and deliver superior service. Apart from SharePoint Development IOTAP India also has vast experience in SharePoint Migration & Upgrade, Customization & Branding services. 


Microsoft SharePoint Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

SharePoint Delivery Automation

Delivery Service Automation


Automating the delivery service using the SharePoint platform helps you manage your projects in an efficient, profitable, and consistent manner. SharePoint is a highly configurable, inexpensive and fully connected cloud-based delivery service automation solution.