Commoditization is the biggest challenge faced by banking and Financial services. Customer experience and differentiation is a key to success and customer retention. To gain the substantial market share, banks need to understand their customer preferences without taking the direct feedback.

New advancement in cloud services, mobility solutions and exploding social media platforms have unlocked up a whole new stage for financial services businesses. Every time customer uses his laptop or smartphone, they are providing with the information or their preferences. Banks and financial services need to get smart to use this information to place their marketing strategy in right direction.
IOTAP Enable banks to deliver connected and delightful customer experiences. The evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) and smart devices like smart phones - primarily transforms how banks promotes and sell their services. IOTAP offers customized solutions that helps you deliver rich and personalized banking that retains your valuable customers, provides meaningful and intelligent insights about your business and enable your team to focus on their core responsibilities.


We wanted to find a Gold Microsoft partner who had a lot of experience, great reviews and high customer satisfaction scores – we found all of that with IOTAP

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