Did you know?

“By 2020, 30% of organizations targeted by major cyberattacks will spend more than two months cleansing backup, resulting in delayed recoveries”. - Gartner

Ever-increasing networks are sprouting rapidly. The multiplying users, applications and devices has made the existing network more permeable. Remote devices and applications are using and sharing the same network which was just an imagination and dreams few years back. Further evolution of IoT, Cloud and mobility have created a storm for disastrous attack on your network.

Today, I would like to speak about a live example of the actual problem that was tackled in successful manner to provide best-fit network firewall security solutions.

Few days back, we completed a Firewall POC (Proof of Concept) for one of our financial services sector client.

Client Required the following

  • Firewall features for security with gateway level antivirus and URL blocking.
  • Site to site VPN with their Australia branch.

We proposed them Cyberoam security solution device and used the same for performing the POC.

Our certified network security specialist configured the POC firewall as per client requirement and also configured site to site Virtual Private Network (VPN). Site to site connection was established with Australia branch and the solution device seems to be working seamlessly.

After investing 3 days of man-hours in setting up all the things it was a time when everything was sailing smoothly. Suddenly a storm aroused in the form of problem being diagnosed that the client had a SQL server in Mumbai which had an application (agent) installed. Now, this agent data was pushed from Australia application server to the SQL server in Mumbai. This communication was triggered over the site to site VPN. Now the client actual requirement to secure his network was changed to site to site VPN with source NAT and destination NAT. This feature was unavailable with Cyberoam and IOTAP being a leading distributor of diverse Firewall security solutions we suggested the client to implement Fortinet Firewall solution.

This safeguarded the client requirement in best possible manner and secured his business with best-in-class solution available with IOTAP.

To conclude, what’s needed for any firewall is to integrate your security solution together to bridge the gaps in network security in best possible way. They need to intelligently synchronize to respond to possible threats. What more expected on the plate is your solution’s readiness to work using open standards with your existing and future security investments.
Written by: Senior Security Consultant