• Why Intranet - Microsoft SharePoint

    In most organizations Information is “King” - Over the years Information has more than doubled in organizations. Offices, departments and employees are spread across continents which makes discovering and sharing content difficult and thus effecting decision making and productivity. To retain employee productivity collaboration is key. An Intranet system based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform’s sole purpose is to make users engage in better communication, collaboration and productivity. An Intranet takes much of what is good about the World Wide Web and uses it to help companies collaborate internally.

  • IT Infrastructure Cost Optimization - Microsoft 365

    It’s no secret that in most organizations the cost related with IT is considered an overhead expenditure and companies look to keep this cost at the minimum, expecting high-value in return. Apart from the cost, the IT department faces numerous additional challenges related to hardware failures, updates & upgrades, backup, support and troubleshooting. Moving to Microsoft 365 helps in all these aspects. Office 365 reduces IT infrastructure, licensing and support costs.

  • Convert CAPEX to OPEX Using Microsoft 365

    Opting for OPEX over CAPEX gives you a lot of benefits in terms of your IT expenses. Comparison between what you are currently using and Microsoft 365