Microsoft 365 Exchange - Emailing Solution

Today Businesses of all sizes face communication challenges like; maintaining information, multitude devices, rising cost of infrastructure, compliance and multi generational workforce's. IOTAP India understands these issues and has deployed email solutions within its own organization and for customers across the world. Microsoft 365 Exchange hosting can vastly increase your productivity with collaboration tools such as meeting-schedulers, unlimited archiving, task list etc.


A World of communication challenges without Microsoft 365 Exchange


Microsoft Exchange Devices
Microsoft Exchange Information Explosion
Email on Cloud Compliance
Microsoft Exchange Workforce
Multitude of Devices Information Explosion Compliance Necessity Multigenerational Workforce


Best of all, your hosted Exchange server will be configured to your industry’s best practices and security policies.Microsoft 365 Exchange allows your company to have public folders at one or more locations at any time- to share files, email templates and more. You can share all folders in your mailbox. With Exchange, all employee calendars can be viewed side by side which makes it easier to schedule meetings and events.



Microsoft 365 Exchange - Features

Microsoft Exchange Device Compatibility



Work Smarter, Anywhere

Remain in control, online, and on-premises

Exchange enables you to tailor your solution based on your unique needs and ensures your communications are always available while you remain in control; on your own terms—online, on-premises, or a hybrid of the two.

Do more, on any device

Exchange helps users be more productive by managing increasing volumes of communications across multiple devices and help work together more effectively as teams.

Keep the organization safe

Exchange keeps your organization safe by enabling you to protect business communications and sensitive information and to meet internal and regulatory compliance requirements.