Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2019



  • Productivity features
  • Service features
  • Mobile features
  • Analytics features

Productivity features


Personalized in-app help for you (CRM Online)

A Learning Path - A new guided user experience tailored just for you. For example, if you are a sales professional, you will see guided help just for sales force. If you’re a Customer Service Representative, you will see the content relevant to your role. Learning Path to guide you step-by-step through specific tasks while working in CRM.



Refined Collaboration with Office 365 Groups enhancements (CRM Online)

Enables you to share information with Office 365 Groups, even if they don’t have access to CRM Online. For example:

  • Earlier, you need to create a new group for each CRM record you wanted to collaborate but now, you can set and add different records to an existing group
  • Project team members added to a project will be automatically added to that project's group
  • It provides alert when a group is deleted so you can connect the record to another group



Customized email signatures to your web client email

You can use a default signature for daily routine replies and new email messages. It enables you to create different signatures for special cases. You can also assign a default signature to a queue. The default signature can be changed automatically by changing the “From” field from a user to a queue.

Win faster by creating personal, targeted experiences.


Project-based sales management (CRM Online)

It enables your business to deliver on-time project-based engagement within budget. Project service capabilities help you in:
  • Estimation and contract work
  • Plan and allocate resources
  • Enable team collaboration
  • Capture real-time insights on time, expense, and progress data for accurate invoicing


Project service capabilities:

  • Project-based contracts. The contract highlights key metrics, including profitability and feasibility. It relates quotations and orders to project plans, financial estimates including labour pricing, and billing arrangements consisting time and materials or fixed price
  • Project planning. This includes predecessors, automatic task scheduling, and data based on sales and cost information related to time and expenses
  • Resource management. This includes skills and expertise of your workforce. You can view and manage your resources by filtering based on skills and availability. This can help you to assign the right people to the right projects. It helps you in tracking your resource utilization and forecasting for your future projects.
  • Time and expenses. Time and expenses for multiple projects can be recorded by the team members easily using web or mobile apps. It helps Managers to understand the financial implications of new entries submitted for approval.
  • Project billing. Contract terms and work and expense approval is reflected in Project invoices. The Monetary impact of project work, including unbilled revenue, overhead costs, and invoices, is recorded for usage in analytics and its integration into financial systems.


Field service workforce management (CRM Online)

This is a complete solution that provides advanced scheduling, inventory tracking, and asset management for service depots and highly mobile, in-field specialists across multiple sites under complex service agreements.

Field service capabilities:

  • Characteristics and proficiency ratings. You can define expertise and skill required and set them as requirements for a work order. You can match the required expertise and skills with your available resources for your project planning.
  • Detached schedule support. Field service capabilities support time allocation outside of a work order. For example, an on-field employee can schedule time for lunch or supply provisioning without associating to empty work order.
  • Out-of-the-box business processes. Work order process and CRM incident management business process are closely associated to each other. If a field service work order is initiated from a case, then the originating case is visually part of that workflow. It spans from case creation through work order completion.
  • Mobile enhancements. Drip scheduling enriches and simplifies the user experience by displaying fewer upcoming work orders. It also enhances dispatch control by restricting the number of declined work orders or change requests by field techs.


Creation of SLAs for any entity

In earlier version of CRM, you could only create SLAs for the Case entity. Now you can create SLAs for any entity like:

  • All activity entities such as Email, Task, and Appointment except cyclical appointments
  • Contact
  • Account
  • Opportunity
  • Lead
  • Quote
  • Invoice
  • Order


Interactive service hub enhancements

The dashboards and forms help you manage your workloads and resolve cases quickly. It provides you enhanced interactive service hub to support your ever-increasing customer service scenarios.
You can now:

  • Apply SLAs for Case and custom entities
  • Timer control tracks the progress of SLA KPIs
  • Removes redundancies between similar cases
  • Easy access to forms and dashboards using keyboard navigation


Rich mobile offline experience (CRM Online)

You get access to a richer offline experience with the CRM mobile apps. You can view, update, and add records offline.


Mobile enhancements

CRM Enhancements mobiles and tablets:

  • Service representatives can view, create, and edit knowledge articles
  • Sales professionals can manage their quotes, orders, and invoices

Enhancements are made by reducing start-up times whenever your CRM admin makes any modification to the system


Keep updated with company news with your mobile device (CRM Online)

Keep yourself updated with latest news related to an account, contact, lead, or opportunity right from your CRM mobile application. The latest and most important news articles from Bing news are organized, categorized and presented along with source of the news article. You can now:

  • Filter and view news articles by category
  • View original news at source website by just tapping on news article

Improved Power BI integration

It helps you analyze and share data-sourced visualizations with your associates. Power BI provides users with business insights by empowering them with data analysis and visualization capabilities.


  • New Service Content Pack includes several key indicators such as cases created, cases resolved, satisfaction percentage, top agent leaders, and most used and viewed KB articles
  • Enhanced Sales Manager Content Pack
  • The ability to incorporate Power BI tiles directly into CRM dashboards. This lets you to launch an interactive report directly from a CRM user dashboard, without switching to the Power BI service.