Enterprise Content Management - Microsoft SharePoint

Organizations big and small face the common problem of managing content consistently and cohesively. With multiple sources and channels it has become increasingly difficult to manage the content life-cycle from creation through to archiving. IOTAP helps capture content as early in the lifecycle as possible which is one of the ways of ensuring best practices.

IOTAP partners with you to enhance productivity by giving your employees, partners and customers to effectively manage and control organizational content and data, this helps ensure you reduce litigation risk and your organization meets compliance and regulatory demands. Enterprise Content Management provided by Microsoft SharePoint is the only answer to help keep track of information of high value and dispose information with no-value. IOTAP has created Intranet portal solutions and has Sharepoint migration, development and consulting services

Benefits for you Organization


SharePoint Shared Drive

Reduce the Use of Shared Drive

Corporate's face huge challenges today with the extensive use of share drives by employees. Gigabytes, of documents have been hoarded on share drives in organizations today. IOTAP partners with you to filter and classify the volume of data stored on the shared drives and migrate it to SharePoint

Shared Reinvent the Wheel 

Achieve greater productivity and revenue by leveraging the re-use of organized information and content.

Productivity Information Re-Use

Microsoft SharePoint Information Growth

Track Information Growth

Filter out and dispose low-value and unnecessary content and keep only that which adds value.

Wheel Classify & Store Content

By classifying and storing content in an organized manner you can mitigate legal and reduce risk for compliance purposes.

SharePoint Content Classification

SharePoint Team Sites

SharePoint a Platform for all Departments

Contract management, Legal document management, Marketing & Sales Document Management, Human resources document management, Knowledge management