Economic instability to calamitous losses from natural calamities, insurance companies faces many conflicting challenges. But the biggest challenge insurance companies facing are integration of different information pools and complex networks of agents, underwriters and claims settlement brokers. The new entrants are adding the pressure to compete on a cost factor. The fast-moving industry requires differentiation in delivering unique experience that connects staff and agents with the customer at most interacting platform.

Today customer expects multiple communication from the insurer in a year. The digital evolution had raised the level of customer expectations from the insurance companies. Digital Technology has completely transformed the consumers buying behavior process. Customers prefers to research on the products and services and prefer to share their experiences with the global audiences at the touch of a fingertip. They expect the same level of response from the insurance companies they trying to associate with. To keep up with the industry pace and meet up the ever-increasing customer expectations insurers are re-examining their customer engagement models and upgrading themselves to the digital platform.
IOTAP can provide you with the solution to interact and engage with your customer on multiple touchpoints by centralizing your customer information repository and reducing your manual intervention of maintaining the history and demographic of the customer. We make your customer interaction as easy as a click by a mouse.
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