Encryption has been around since the days of cryptography protected communication. Encryption and technology have evolved at the same pace over the years.

Encryption is extremely important today, where privacy and sensitive data has become a talking point all across the world. Encryption is like the lock on a Pandora’s box because it allows security of all sensitive data. Businesses encrypt corporate secrets, Governments’ encrypt classified information. Individuals use encryption to protect personal information.

IOTAP has a proven track record in implementing encryption as a technology in organizations of all sizes.




Guarantees data is not leaked to third parties




Averts alteration of prepared data




Guarantees the apparent author of the data is the real author




Checking all processes in the past when errors occur & clear assignment of responsibility


IOTAP understands the need for secure data and thus offers the best of encryption solutions present.

Why should all confidential data be encrypted? 



Protection from the Internet

The Internet is the most dangerous place for your private & personal data. The information you save, send, receive comes from various servers across the globe and you cannot choose which route your information takes, This makes it easy to access anyone with wrong intentions. Because routes are dynamically chosen and you have no influence on that. If you don’t use an encrypted connection with the server, anybody can get access to all your communication.



Protection of External drives

Encryption is the key to protecting data on your hard drive. When you use external hard drives, you run the risk of having the material stolen at some point. When an external hard drive is stolen, you face two different challenges. The first is protecting the data on the hard drive from being accessed. The second is making sure that you do not lose important data or projects. It is important to prepare for these incidents.



Protection of Email

Encrypting your email will keep hackers from intercepting and reading your private communications
IOTAP discovers such risks and helps deploy preventive measures against data theft.
Hard drive encryption is an integral step for anyone looking to secure their data

Encryption technology has progressed rapidly over time.  Its practical usage has expanded, even into the education industry. The technical team at IOTAP makes encryption easier and quicker.

Encryption ensures secrecy. But other techniques are still needed to make communications secure. Solutions like Firewall, Anti-virus, and Digital Signatures are must. A strong companion with Encryption will