• Antivirus - McAffe

    An Antivirus is the guard at the front door of your system. It ensures protection of your computer from incoming threats and attacks. Antivirus also warns of possible threats. Daily updates of the Antivirus provides constant protection against new viruses, which are produced every second. IOTAP is a McAffe Partner 

  • Firewall - Cyberoam|Fortinet |Sonicwall | Sophos

    A Firewall is a single choke point that examines all data entering or leaving the intranet. Firewall either blocks or allows the data depending on whether it suffices or violates the pre-defined policies. Thus, a Firewall provides protection from IP.
    IOTAP can size the best product for your business vertical, Iotap can help implement and configure policies best suited to your business need. With years of experience in IT solutions and with partnerships with the best in the business like Sonicwall, Sophos, Fortinet & Cyberom

  • Data Loss Prevention

    Data becomes almost useless if its confidentiality is not upheld and in today’ s competitive market it is of extremely important for organizations to classify and secure their data. Leaked data can lead to significant economic losses and a damaged reputation. DLP will help your organization Identify, Monitor and Prevent Loss of sensitive data

  • Encryption

    Encryption is extremely important today, where privacy and sensitive data has become a talking point all across the world. Encryption is like the lock on a Pandora’s box because it allows security of all sensitive data. Businesses encrypt corporate secrets, Governments’ encrypt classified information. Individuals use encryption to protect personal information. IOTAP has a proven track record in implementing encryption as a technology in organizations of all sizes.

  • Server and Endpoint Backup On-Premise

    In most organizations data is one of the most important assets. Losing data would cause severe damage. Reinstalling the business application and operating system is easy but it is unmanageable to recreate original data. Loss of critical data will impact in many ways like business loss, decreasing productivity, legal action, and the cost of re-creating data. The worst outcome of data loss can be a business collapse.

  • One Drive - Microsoft 365

    Data loss can be a major problem for any organization’s IT team. Especially where the difference between survival and closure of SMB rests on the ability to recover from a disaster. Users are getting mobile. Hardware storage cost with backup solutions is rising. This limits the IT team to protect data against loss and its relative threat to business. IOTAP overrides such limits and helps organizations use One Drive to an optimum level.