Microsoft Yammer - Enterprise Networking

A Social workspace is a must to thrive in today’s environment. It takes a well networked and connected group of people to serve clients. IOTAP believes in creating value for customers & employees. With the help of Yammer, you can better adapt, listen and grow in new ways. Yammer can help drive innovation, collaboration and help you and your company move faster.

The Personal Connection

Socially engaged customers feel a personal connection with your organization. To keep updated with the latest news and announcement also makes customers feel they belong. IOTAP strengthens organizations to engage, unite and modernize with customers & employees. This helps Refining individual & organizational productivity.


Engage with every customer & employee. A captivated workforce implies great things for business, higher profit, productivity and a reduced turnaround time. Engaged customers are 3 times more inclined to recommend or promote your product or service to an acquaintance. Engaged consumers turn into business promoters. Yammer expands worker engagement with the goal that each employee has a voice.

Give customer a Voice | Break down Silos | Transform Faster  


Open collaboration motivates productivity. Better deals. Enhanced customer service. Effective practices. Great things happen when people work together. Yammer improves conveying thoughts, driving creativity and making decisions quicker.

Communicate Across Your Organization | Accelerate Teamwork | Develop Better Products and Services


Grow and adapt with agility. To keep up with a changing market, innovating new products is a must. Yammer drives open communication to help your company stay one step ahead.

Quickly Identify Expertise | Improve Response Time | Deliver Better Customer Experiences 

Why engage customers and employees socially


A socially engaged client will be more likely to be loyal to you and will take fewer efforts looking for an alternate partner. This ensures repeated business from them. Employees stay loyal to the company and will not look out for change. Organization saves cost in retention rather than finding a new client or employee.

Adapt and Make Smarter Decisions

Open collaboration is more efficient collaboration. Yammer helps teams quickly adapt to change and work together more productively. 71% of business leaders report that Enterprise Social tools increase the speed of access to knowledge.

Knowledge Source

Customers can reach the company to find the experts they need, find people from the directory or raise queries. Surfacing customer’s information helps an organization to understand the market. Employees can establish thought leadership on target market and relevant business opportunity.

Other benefits of Yammer

Work Better Together | In Groups | Create a Group in seconds, rank groups, Announce news, company policies announcements etc.
Share Files Online | Office document, PDFs, Images & Videos. Edit or Comment or Email
Stay Organized with Inbox | A single pane for notifications, announcements & conversations. You can mark Read/Unread, Send or Reply, search messages.