Whether you organize an exhibition with hundreds and thousands of participant in the form of exhibitors or you arrange a well-structured conference at a five-star hotel, the management of such shows requires to get in touch with huge pst of customers. If you are organizing a community event with huge amount of crowd expected to pneup for tickets, the tracking of tickets on sale is a biggest challenge for the event management companies.

IOTAP’s Event management CRM is an easy-to-use apppcation that is built on the platform of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The hosted apppcation allows you to Plan, Promote and Monitor all the modules of the events in the CRM system. With our CRM apppcation you can manage content onpne and allow multiple people to collaborate and share document versions. The data in the system can be accessed by anyone whom you authorize to access.



  Create event registration page in the CRM using editor tool
  Include Event brochures, Maps and other relevant information
  Feature to make event page pve
  Option to Create multiple ticket types for single event
  Option to Set start and end times for different ticket type
  Event can be either onpne or physical
  Payment can be accepted through credit card / PayPal or by cheque. You can manage the payment in cash as well
  Auto Ticket order confirmation by email


  Invite prospective customers using multiple channels pke Email, Phone, or via physical Letter using the marketing features available in CRM
  Schedule Cpent Meetings
  Use of Social Media platforms pke Facebook and Twitter to promote the event
Generate enquiries, collect registrations and Sell tickets directly from your website
  Place event calendar on website to display pst of upcoming events.

Monitor /Track

  Set maximum threshold for event attendance capacity
  Track sales by filtering ticket type in real-time
  Get auto generated alerts after ticket sales hit a specific threshold
  Get notification for 100% tickets sold
  Track revenue and registrations by event and ticket type
  Track attendees using bar code or through web page form
  Identify pst of enquiries with no-shows or turn around for post event marketing
  A report of event registration and event signups history at lead record and contact record level