One Drive - Office 365

Over the last few years, organization have seen an explosion in the volume of data their employees accumulate. At a certain point, worker productivity gets hampered with too much information. Workers need smart ways to deal with information so that they can find what they need in the flood of no-value data. In fact, in the next year alone, there will be more data generated than in all of mankind’s history

Data loss can be a major problem for any organization’s IT team. Especially where the difference between survival and closure of SMB rests on the ability to recover from a disaster. Users are getting mobile. Hardware storage cost with backup solutions is rising. This limits the IT team to protect data against loss and its relative threat to business. IOTAP based in India Maharashtra overrides such limits and helps organizations use Office 365 - One Drive to an optimum level.

One Drive as an Online Backup Solution

  • Reliable Technology

    Microsoft One Drive is the latest technology to keep the data safe and accessible over the cloud

  • Easy Setup and Maintenance

    It takes a few clicks to download and run one drive on any machine

  • Low Cost of Ownership

    One Drive is free online storage that comes with your Microsoft account

  • Compatible To Mobile Devices

    Whether you’re on your laptop, tablet or phone you can easily access files on One Drive. One Drive is an executable file for Laptops, Desktops and mobile platforms.

  • No Backup Failure

    One Drive offers 99.99% uptime SLA. It also has the option to save a document offline, this allows the user to continue working on offline mode & save precious productivity time for the organization

  • Minimal Backup window

    With One Drive, get continuous incremental backup of files & no more ‘BACKUP WINDOWS’.

  • Less complexity

    It’s like an additional hard drive that’s accessible from any of the devices you use

  • Easily Shared With Selected users

    With One Drive, users no longer need to email files or carry around (& possibly loose) a USB flash drive. Just send a link or 'SHARE' using one drive.

  • Scalable with Growing Business

    Microsoft One Drive offers unlimited storage. With Microsoft Office365, each user is licensed to use unlimited cloud storage for One Drive.


IOTAP a Microsoft Gold Partner in India  with all its cloud competencies helps organizations achieve their business goals without the hassle of managing Storage boxes and Backups.