With Economic globalization and ever evolving digital transformation, the media and entertainment industry is on continuous upgradations path due to trends of globalization, digitization and diversification. The advancement in digital media is empowering the Media & Entertainment industry to grow at faster pace than ever. The related businesses also have to match up the speed to stay in the business.

Big players are diversifying and expanding in new areas. The biggest hurdle the businesses facing today is to manage the new streams while securing the content and making it available for other users and viewers.

IOTAP's Media Services offers best-in-class broadcast quality video streaming services to reach larger audiences on smart devices like smart phones and tablets. Our Media Services solutions make easy for you to stream your content to any part of this world while protecting your content. Our solutions provide you with increased accessibility, ease of distribution and enhanced scalability.


 Studio Grade Encoding at Cloud scale
 Content Protection and Encryption
 On-Demand and LIVE Video Streaming with Integrated Content Delivery Network Capabilities
 One Player for all your Playback needs
 Greater discoverability and accessibility of media through media Intelligence


Stream broadcast and OTT video

Build your online crowd and broaden your scope by dispersing your content to viewers on telephones, tablets, and all their advanced gadgets. Additionally, exploit current occasion or niche markets by putting up new channels for sale to the public rapidly and encoding over-the-top (OTT) video to numerous configurations

Broadcast and OTT streaming cases:

  • TV everywhere
  • Linear programming
  • Catch-up TV
  • Video on demand (VOD)


Stream sports and live events

IOTAP’s Media Services provides a best-in-class and reliable live event streaming service. Our services help you manage and optimize the costs and reduces the intricacy of streaming live events. Our services are compatible with a broad range of smart connected devices.

Live streaming cases:

  • Live sports
  • Concerts
  • Breaking news
  • House of worship broadcasts


Deliver corporate content

Connect with internal customers (employees) and external customers anywhere, anytime on any device in a secure, scalable manner. Share and access your corporate communications, training documents and knowledge by linking Media Services with easy-to-use solutions, including Skype Meeting Broadcast, Office 365 Video, or customisable solutions from our partners. Additionally, manage all your content with Azure Classic Portal.

Corporate content streaming cases:

  • Corporate communication
  • Training
  • Knowledge sharing platform
  • Videos on your company website
  • Live conferences, webinars, and events


Deliver Government content

We deliver secured and enriched video streaming to mobile devices. Our solution also facilitates and enhances your accessibility to critical documents using Azure Media Indexer. Azure Government guarantees security and compliance for government organizations.

Government content streaming cases:

  • Town halls
  • City council meetings
  • Public safety
  • Dashboard and body cameras
  • Video analytics
  • Court transcriptions


  • Scale to all audience sizes
  • Rapidly develop solutions
  • Support virtually all devices
  • Deliver high-quality experiences
  • Save with flexible cost options
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