What do you stand to gain from Dynamics 365 for Sales?


Using its built-in Digital Intelligence, you can maximize your revenue and reduce acquisition costs


Reduce distractions and help your Sales team excel by focusing on priorities.Sell More!

Faster Wins

Increase collaboration between team members; close deal faster and more efficiently using insights

Smarter sales capabilities = more opportunities and more conversions

  • Actionable insights
  • Personal engagement
  • Customer management
  • Sales performance


With predictive analysis, digital intelligence, and automated lead-scoring, your sales people do not have to worry about prioritizing their leads.


Use real-time co-authoring and collaborate to make the best use of collective team wisdom.


Social insights enable your sales team to zero-in on the right leads, contacts, and opportunities while building your pipeline.


Set smart goals for your team and monitor them through customized dashboards. Gamify your sales environment and motivate your team by creating healthy competition.

Why Partner with IOTAP?

Modern businesses runs at a frantic pace. We give you options to help you create opportunities.

We create opportunities for you!



  • They are great. We got our solution done very quickly, customer service was excellent and the product works perfectly. We had one problem and they resolved it immediately.

    Troy BilleterNetwork Manager, Paradysz (USA)
  • The staff and service at IOTAP are second to none. All of our projects are completed on-time, under budget and exceed the requirements of the business user.

    Vice PresidentIT, Leading Research company in Boston, USA
  • IOTAP feels like an extension of our development team, they have the same drive to customer satisfaction and technical excellence that we have. IOTAP staff to learn and apply new technologies very quickly give us a big competitive advantage. We would highly recommend IOTAP

    General ManagerLarge Australian Consulting Group
  • IOTAP’s on demand service offering has helped Globenet in cutting engineering and support costs while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction levels and profit margins.They strive for excellence and have helped Globenet tremendously. It’s truly a pleasure working with IOTAP

    Damian KuoltPresident, Globenet Technologies, AZ, USA
  • We were extremely satisfied with IOTAP's SAP RFID consulting and systems integration services. They have the right mix of technical and functional expertise to deliver an RFID serialization project on the SAP Platform. We were able to deploy a productive SAP Auto Id system with integration to a line-level serialized packaging solution on time and under budget