Content Management system - Microsoft SharePoint Development

Technology today has changed the way organizations conduct their day-to-day operations. However most knowledge workers still manage documents & presentations the same way they did in the 90's. This has resulted in 83% of knowledge workers losing or wasting time each day on document collaboration issues. These issues cost organizations more in employee-productivity than cost.

A Document Management system on the SharePoint platform eradicates productivity loss and gives users control to centrally maintain and manage projects, word files, team communication, reporting, issue tracking, etc. IOTAP A SharePoint Development Company based in India has more than a decade worth of experiences helping customers across the world using Document Management systems with the help of Microsoft SharePoint to increase their organizations Collaboration & Productivity.


Microsoft SharePoint Shareable URLs
Microsoft SharePoint No Duplication
SharePoint Access
SharePoint edit documents online
Easily Share Documents
Shareable URLs make it easier to instantly share documents with colleagues and clients

No Duplicate Work
SharePoint's check-out & check-in functionality ensures only one person has the file open at a time

Access On the Go
Access documents anywhere-anytime all you need is an internet connection

Edit Documents Online
Use Microsoft Office online to create and edit your documents and save them on the cloud

SharePoint excessive email chain
Microsoft SharePoint Version Control
SharePoint Permission Levels
SharePoint Data Loss

Stop Excessive Internal Email Chains
Collaborate on documents in the cloud instead of sending files via long, time-consuming email chains

Removes Problems with Version Control
One file is constantly updated, eliminating issues with opening the incorrect version

Assign Permission Levels for Users
Such as Member, Visitor and Owner

No Data Loss
No unauthorized, deleting or editing can be made to files, saving you time and money