IOTAP helps membership organizations to manage their existing members and prospective members. We make sure that your database is centralized to synchronize your communication with the external bodies and avoid unnecessary multiple communication. We help you manage your scattered communication received during the events from various platforms to serve your clients with great level of satisfaction.

IOTAP empowers you to generate instant insights and reports to make better decisions. Our solution integrates with your financial tool allowing you to automate invoicing and member self-service for financial efficiency. Our Event management solution integrates with your website and enables you to create, manage and promote events with an interactive online events calendar having capability to manage online registrations.
The power of our solution to connect to your database from anywhere and anytime ensures you don’t miss any opportunity to expand your membership. It saves your human interventions by automatically sending and tracking the personalized communication to your members with particular criteria. Our solution benefits you by driving more website traffic and increasing the conversion rate.

IOTAP focuses on your four key areas:

ACQUIRE Acquire more members on your website using an awesome CMS, seamlessly integrated ads, online directories, a job bank and events.

ENGAGE Engage members with lots of self-service options. Members love to view referral reports, update their own directory & job listings and renew & pay securely online.

RETAIN Increase retention with segmented communications, self-service options and referral reports. Make it easy for members to gain and understand the value of their membership.

TRACK Understand your members. Don't just get reports - gain insights that help you make better business decisions faster.