The Azure Solution with IOTAP India

Cloud computing has transformed the IT world, effecting every entity, from service providers and system architects to developers and end-users and using a cloud computing platform service like Windows Azure provides companies with numerous benefits.

Windows Azure is one of the most powerful cloud development platforms available. There are nine different services available through Windows Azure along with numerous benefits: Faster time to market, Faster scalability, More flexibility and creativity and naturally reduced costs.
Windows Azure Cloud Computing

WHY IOTAP as your Azure Partner?

IOTAP based in India has over 5 years of experience on Azure projects. 

Businesses today are looking to the cloud for greater collaboration & productivity solutions to the numerous problems Business Processes face:

Security &Capability

Companies that have the best of the security solutions still have loopholes. Not many IT teams can assure 100% security. The IT department and infrastructure is only utilized up-to 80% of its capacity and investment.

Cost & Exposure

The initial maintenance and investment cost required for IT does not match with the ROI expected from the workforce. Every few years the IT infrastructure becomes outdated and may not support the current and future advancements in technology, this will force Companies to make new infrastructure investments every few years.

Accessibility & Reliability

IT department’s services are only accessible to users when they are within office premises, moving to could ensures the IT team can access and help with issues from any location. The on-premise IT infrastructure is not completely reliable downtime with servers hampers productivity and cost

Why companies should choose Microsoft’s Windows Azure as their IT enabler?

Azure Cloud Services

Azure – Cloud Services

Azure is a powerful combination of IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (Platform as a service). IOTAP enables organization to design and use AZURE services as per the business need. Azure lets organization build, deploy, and manage application the way their business demands. This combination of managed and unmanaged services improve productivity.

Ready for Hybrid

Some organization carrying sensitive data may choose to use the both version of CLOUD or ON PREMISE. Azure allows organizations to choose between 'Private Datacenter',  'Public Cloud' or 'Hybrid'. IOTAP brings data storage, backup, and recovery to more efficient & economical level. Building applications that span both on-premise and cloud becomes much easier

Hybrid Cloud

Azure Compatibility


Azure offering Platform-As-A-Service supports all operating systems, databases and programming languages. It brings the finest features of the best technologies together on a single dashboard. IOTAP helps customers choose a right mix of servers, software and databases to take productivity to the next level


Time invested to order a new hardware can take months. Whereas, Azure provides instant provision of services that a business requires. IOTAP enables customers to scale-up as per their need. The ‘per-minute’ billing feature of Microsoft Azure helps customer keep IT costs under control.

Azure Instant Services

Azure Access

Access Anywhere

Azure has 19 Geo-redundant data centers across the globe. Customers have a wide range of options for hosting applications and ensuring great customer experience. Microsoft Azure is currently expanding to new regions around the globe.

Understanding IT trends in over next 10 years, IT teams will be just technology enablers. The core IT will be away from office premises with only end user machines.