IOTAP's Azure Managed Services

With a large number of companies adopting Cloud-based technologies, and with migration activities on the rise, it is essential to be prepared with the necessary measures required with migrating to the cloud. Migrating everything at once can be risky proposition, but a planned and phased migration can minimize that risk. Along with that, optimization and management of the cloud resources are critical to keep the functioning of all your apps up to the mark. IOTAP’s Azure Managed Services helps you optimize, manage, and monitor all of your virtual machines, applications, databases, media services, mobile services, and more. You can enjoy using all of your resources, without worrying about the maintenance of your cloud infrastructure.

By optimizing your Microsoft Azure platform, you can not only save time, but also money. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, IOTAP’s trusted hosting capabilities can help you manage your company’s cloud infrastructure for compliance and security. We add value to your Azure platform.

It is extremely essential to understand the requirements of an organization before choosing among the different features that comes with Microsoft’s cloud platform. IOTAP understands your needs first and guides you to choose between Azure and Windows Azure Pack (for private cloud).

IOTAP provides fully managed IT support for Azure with an efficient and cost-contained approach. IOTAP’s Azure team has more than a decade of experience and have the capability to understand your technical environment. This team of experts is supported by a technical infrastructure that allows us to deploy applications, updates, and patches, as well as detect problems.

Azure Services

  • Azure Compute: Provisioning of Azure VM, Scale up, Scale Down, etc.
  • Azure Network: Network maintenance, changes, VPN access
  • Azure Storage: Provisioning, Scale up, Scale Down etc.
  • Performance Monitoring and alerts: Azure components, CPU, RAM, VHDs, Storage, Bandwidth, Network
  • Security: Monitoring against attack as DoS, etc.
  • Alerts, Logs, and Reports
  • Performance tuning and Advisory Services
  • Billing tracking services