CRM for Professional Sports

Capture fan interactions that boosts loyalty and increase revenue through customer engagement

Fan following and their involvement with the professional sports has changed the complete outlook of the game. Every new experience needs to create a memorable impression on the fans to make them desire for more.

To create those influential involvements of your fans you need to understand your fans profiles and their preferences. Different type of followers like Individuals, groups and sponsors have their own requirements. But the common factors among all is that they want to support their team in their own way and expect their team to understand and value their support.

We offer more than solution. We help you make millions of fans and supporters

Marketing and sales Campaigns that will drive your revenue generation requires every customers buying experience. The Data available is in different formats and from various sources. Creating intelligence and extracting meaningful information from such a dispersed source of data is a challenge. Excellence in creating information to develop programs to improve your customer’s experience can give you the edge on the other leagues and clubs.

IOTAP’s solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, synchronizes and structures your communication with your fans, as well as your internal collaborations. Sports CRM can help you exceed your performance and enhance your fans’ experience. The enhanced fans’ experience will lead to your increase in ticket sales and renewals.