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Understanding SharePoint 2019

2019 features can be clubbed under the below segments

  1. Modern Experience
  2. File / Folder feature enhancements
  3. Cloud tools integration – Power Tools

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Framework For Business to Evaluate Tools For Business Process Automation

Business process automation (BPA) is the automation of manual paper-based processes using tools and technology. BPA can help an organization reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Once a decision to implement business process automation has been taken, choosing the right tool is the next significant consideration. While there are many tools available for BPA, and a discussion around these is imminent; the criteria for evaluating these tools must first be identified...

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How to Select Business Process Automation Software

Plus, which BPA software do we recommend?

Business process management (BPM) and Automation (BPA) software are one of the fastest-growing fields in technology, with estimates for company expenditures on BPA/BPM software ranging fromUS$13.5 to US$23 billion in the next few years. These figures are likely low-end estimates as well, given the wide-scale digital transformation occurring across industries and the speed at which companies are looking to technology to give them a competitive edge...

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Ransomware attack on your business? What’s Next?

Ransomware is the biggest threat presently for organizations globally. India has no different story than others. The aim of these cyber threats is crystal clear. They are here to extort money with the fake promises of restoring their systems and encrypted data. In recent times we have received a lot of enquiries from the prospects and customers with reference to Ransomware attack. It’s, therefore, important to understand these risks and have knowledge of “’what to do and how to protect your business from becoming a victim of such attacks”. Some of the most relevant queries asked by customers: My data is being encrypted by Ransomware, what to do now? 1 Do not pay the ransom! It seems that paying Ransom is the solution to the attack. But it’s a trap to extort money from you. Paying may prove like encouraging and funding these attackers. Even if you pay, it won’t guarantee that you will regain the access to the files. Paying may actuall ...

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