Sophos - IOTAP

 Endpoint Protection


  • Device usage

    Policies can be implemented on all types of devices with you in Control of the network access to all hotspots

  • Everywhere

    You deploy the security policies easily to remote sites and to users on-the-go through Sophos LiveConnect

  • One Dashboard

    Outline and setup policies for all your endpoints through Sophos UTM and keep record of all managed devices

  • Detailed logging

    Tracking all activity for devices on all location from you endpoints .Get information like access denied, policy meddling or new devices added

  • No Configuration Needed

    With just one click you can setup security policies on any endpoint through UTM appliance


UTM - firewall

Above the competition

Sophos UTM is the only Firewall which provides web filtering, web application control, intrusion protection system and filtering of HTTPA data

Compliance proof

Many companies need to be compliant with security depending on the industry they work in. Sophos UTM covers all security compliance factors. IOTAP will help configure the appliance remotely or on premise

User friendly

Sophos UTM is simple and easy to use with one purchase you can cover all the security needs. A single management console controls all the features



Low operational costs

Sophos labs provides round the clock support for maintenance. No resource’s required to maintain   Sophos Data leak Prevention. The automatic updates take care of any changes required.

Time-saving management console

A web-based centralized dashboard with an extremely user-friendly and easy UI which decreases administrative effort, and increases planned email gateway management. Time is saved on tracking lost, misplaced or dropped emails End-to-end message analytics enable message logs to be searched

High system availability

All system logs are backed up automatically. If there is a appliance failure the Emailing, FTP configuration back-up, directory services and reporting synchronization will continue