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The principles of a SharePoint migration project execution for any customer is based on IOTAP’s experience and specific understanding of the customer scope and situation in India. We believe the selection of a partner goes beyond the delivery of the functional or technical components but also includes factors that will ensure success. This approach will significantly increase the likelihood of success and payback on the SharePoint investment by the customer.

IOTAPs SharePoint Migration Approach

  • Deliver in Phases

    Large scale changes are not easy to adopt. IOTAP proposes a calculated and phased roll out of the solutions and platform to get the early wins and demonstrate success.

  • Use the Right Tool

    In our solution we endeavor to ensure that the investment is made on the right technology.

  • Leverage SharePoint’s Platform

    Avoid customization and use features and functionality in the core products to ensure that the solution is future proof from changes and upgrades.

  • Reuse and Don’t re-invent

    As a partner IOTAP will provide collective Intellectual Property to you. This includes various tried and tested solutions, add-ons, methodologies and assets.

IOTAPs SharePoint Migration Life-Cycle

Requirements and Planning

IOTAP’s SharePoint Consultant will analyze and propose the technical architecture for the system and architecture. The output will include the architecture review, plan and recommendations.



SharePoint architecture recommendations


Software licensing recommendations



Installation and Configuration recommendation



SharePoint Migration Plan



Milestones and Test Plan



At Completion



Upgraded and Configured SharePoint 2016 site



Migration of all data, forms and workflows



A functioning extranet PROMPT portal site


SharePoint Project Manager

Quality Assurance

Test Cases – QA consultant will develop a set of test cases that cover the functional aspects. The testing team will perform testing activities once a milestone release has been deployed to the Development server.

Staging & Back-Up

The SharePoint database will be backed up from the development environment and restored in the staging environment. All web parts and features developed will be deployed through packages. Necessary changes will be made to configuration files & IIS settings.

SharePoint Project Manager

SharePoint Project Manager

Go Live

A Go Live checklist is the way we prepare for the big day, ensuring that no item has missed attention.
IOTAP will work very closely with the customers team at this point, providing support.

Project Closure and Warranty

There is a scheduled phase of assistance even post Go Live, to ensure the success of projects. This period ensures that the staff and end users are comfortable with the systems and are familiar with the processes of querying and reporting on matters of the application.

Why IOTAP for SharePoint migration or any cloud based solution

IOTAP is a Microsoft Gold Partner with specific SharePoint and collaboration competencies.
IOTAP is a Cloud Champion and has helped companies migrate various workloads including SharePoint portal, Email and other related applications to the cloud with a clear focus on delivering value. With the direction that NWA is taking, IOTAP would be able to chart a clear path to the cloud. In addition to Office 365, we have deep expertise with Azure and AWS.

SharePoint Project Manager