Firewall - Unified threat management

Any business, that uses a computer to connect to the Internet, is vulnerable to an array of cyber threats. Cyber-threats come from hackers, key loggers and Trojans. Hackers try and retrieve personal information related to finance or business. Trojans try and destroy your OS. We can neither calculate nor imagine the business loss incurred by such attacks.

A Firewall has the capability to monitor and block sophisticated attacks. By imposing security policies at the application level and at port & protocol level. Firewalls prevent unauthorized external users from accessing company intranets connected to the Internet.


A Firewall is a single choke point that examines all data entering or leaving the intranet. Firewall either blocks or allows the data depending on whether it suffices or violates the pre-defined policies. Thus, a Firewall provides protection from IP.

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Firewall provides critical protection to keep your network safe from all cyber-attacks. But it cannot remove malware, virus, etc. from a PC which is already infected. It is advisable to use Antivirus along with Firewall to strengthen resistance to attacks.

Apart from security functions Firewall performs in various Internet functions like NATing and Network Management.

  • NATing stands for Network Address Translator, which maps local address to internet addresses
  • To audit network activity and logging internet usage is part of Network Management