Anti - Virus

The Internet today is not a secure place. Every internet user is vulnerable to virus, malware and Trojan attacks. A virus can destroy valued data. It can also hamper a computer's performance by infecting and destroying processes.

A computer without an anti-virus is similar to a front-door kept open for an unwelcomed guest. A guest that that can damage property, steal your belongings or leave a threat behind. Thus, it is important to secure your computer and have it protected at all times.

An Antivirus is the guard at the front door of your system. It ensures protection of your computer from incoming threats and attacks. Antivirus also warns of possible threats. Daily updates of the Antivirus provides constant protection against new viruses, which are produced every second.


IOTAP Headquartered in India, Mumbai, is a reputed partner with the best Antivirus providers in the market like McAfee and Sophos. IOTAP has implemented and configured numerous projects for companies of all sizes across India.



Protection from Viruses

Prevents Trojans, Malwares and Spywares from entering the system which protects it from being damaged


Protecting Personal Information

Any unauthorized incoming data to your network or computer can be blocked


Cost Savings

The expense of an anti-virus will extend the life of your computer, which helps you purchase new computers less frequently



With real-time anti-virus software working you will get a warning that a virus has been detected. Users will be asked if they would like to delete it, quarantine it or ignore it. Usually, when an Antivirus detects a virus it notifies the user

Antivirus provides critical protection to keep your PC safe from virus, Trojans, malwares, spyware etc. But it cannot prevent a system from unauthorized access, Intrusion etc. Thus it is advised to use a Firewall to strengthen your resistance.