Fortinet Fortigate Firewall

IOTAP based in Mumbai india provides you with a unified threat management (UTM) solution, Fortinet Fortigate Firewall, which helps you manage your technical team’s time and ongoing cost more effectively. Fortinet’s UTM and Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) gives you the best end-to-end network security & gateway security services at a low cost.


IOTAP Fortinet UTM IPS & Application Control

High performance firewall combined with VPN technology establishes secure connection across multiple networks and hosts.

IOTAP Fortinet UTM Intrusion Prevention & Application Control
Intrusion Prevention System

Monitor and block malicious network activity and stop attacks from threats, even those for which no signature has been developed yet.

IOTAP Fortinet UTM IPS & Application Control
Web Filtering

Advanced web filtering offers protection from web based threats and malicious traffic with intelligent web content inspection.

IOTAP Fortinet UTM IPS & Application Control
Endpoint Protection

Provides endpoint network security for every computing device on your corporate network with risk management and reporting.

Why Choose Fortinet

 Protect against attacks across a wide range of locations.
 Supports wireless guest access or mobile device integration.
 Ensures business continuity with decrease in cost of ownership.
 Single administrative interface for all network security requirements.
 Supports many Virtual Domains (VDOMs).
 Eliminates requirement of stand-alone security devices.

IOTAP helps you choose the best model with Fortinet Next Generation Firewall and UTM, suitable for your organization based on your IT infrastructure. 

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