Cyberoam NGFW (Next Generation Firewall)

IOTAP India is a leading provider of Cyberoam network security appliances with Next Generation Firewalls. Cyberoam’s NG-Series Firewall comes with a Layer-8 identity-based technology offering control over all the security features of the organization.

With the increase in mobility of work, employees connecting to the enterprise network from outside has led to loss of perimeter security controls. Cyberoam’s Layer 8 identity based technology for actionable intelligence and control regains the security control lost due to the mobilization of workforce in organizations. 

IOTAP helps you determine the best series of Cyberoam Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) for your organization with features like Application Visibility & Controls, Intrusion Prevention System, Website Filtering, Web Application Firewall, VPN, Granular Bandwidth Controls, Gateway Anti-Virus, Gateway Anit-Spam, HTTPS Inspection and more.


Actionable Intelligence & Controls

Cyberoam NGFW Layer 8 feature allows enterprises to put up security checks and complete visibility control over user and network activities across L2-L8.



CyberoamOS provides next generation security features including inline application controls, website filtering, Intrusion Prevention System and more.


High Performance

Cyberoam NGFW coupled with CyberoamOS offers a high level of performance for enterprises. Integrating the hardware with crypto acceleration on a multi-core platform, Cyberoam NGFW provides the highest performance.



Cyberoam’s Security Architecture supports future enhancements like security features and security updates. All the features and updates can be deployed with minimal effort and without changing the appliance.



Cyberoam next generation security appliances are equipped with FleXi Ports offering flexible network connectivity which allows enterprises to upgrade to new technologies with ease.

 Cyberoam Next Generation Firewall Features


  • Layer 8 Identity based Security

    Cyberoam Next Generation Firewalls provide Layer 8 identity based security allowing administrators to identify users, control their Internet activity and set policies and reporting by username.

  • Application Visibility & Control

    Cyberoam’s Application Visibility and Control feature classifies applications based on their risk level offering more granular control over user applications and eliminating the need for manual interventions by the administrator.

  • Intrusion Prevention System

    Cyberoam’s next generation Intrusion Prevention System protects your organization against network and application level attacks preventing malware, Trojans, malicious code attacks, DoS and DDoS attacks, intrusion attempts and backdoor threats.

  • On-appliance Reporting

    Cyberoam NGFW offers on-appliance reporting of real-time logs and reports with real-time visibility into user and network activities. Cyberoam reports include dynamic and animated reports helping organizations save cost on a dedicated reporting solution.

  • Virtual Private Network

    Cyberoam next generation firewalls offer a Virtual Private Network securing remote access across all endpoints and networks with its new Threat free Tunneling Technology.

  • Web Filtering

    Cyberoam’s Web Filtering feature offers a database of URL’s grouped in 89+ categories blocking harmful websites, phishing and pharming attacks, malware and undesirable content.

  • Web Application Firewall

    Cyberoam offers a Web Application Firewall subscription of secure websites and web-based applications to your organization.

  • Bandwidth Management

    Cyberoam NGFW allows organizations to have granular control with bandwidth policies for users, user groups, website categories, applications, firewall rules and more.