Network Security Solutions - Firewall

IOTAP delivers a comprehensive security platform for your organization with Firewall Solutions that optimizes your corporate network. Providing you a range of security features all in one device, our solutions lower costs by eliminating stand-alone security devices. IOTAP is a partner with Cyberoam and Fortinet, Sonicwall, Sophos & MacAfee you can be rest assured to get the most competitive prices and the most suited plans. Fill in the form on the right and we will call you within the hour.  

NGFW (IPS & Application Control)

IOTAP Fortinet UTM IPS & Application Control 
Microsoft Exchange 

  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Application & User Identification and Control
  • Plug and Play Deployment
  • Enhanced drill-down reports
  • A dashboard for all-Analysis reports


System Administration

IOTAP Fortinet Integrate Wireless Controller 
Microsoft Exchange 

  • Central management
  • Real-time Sessions Widgets
  • Web-based Manager filtering
  • Device based policy on remote location & routed network
  • Support configuration from Andriod & iOS devices


Advanced Threat Protection

IOTAP Fortinet Firewall Advanced Threat Protection 
Microsoft Exchange 

  • Real-time Anti-spam, Anti-malware
  • Advanced prevention, detection & mitigation
  • Captive Portal for Endpoint control
  • Device based identification & policy setup


WAN Optimization

IOTAP Fortinet Firewall WAN  Optimization 
Microsoft Exchange 

  • Protocol optimization
  • Web caching
  • SSL offloading
  • Explicit web proxy server
  • Reverse proxy


Web Filtering

IOTAP Fortinet Web Filtering 
Microsoft Exchange 

  • Web categorization
  • Web security
  • HTTPS control
  • Identity based controls
  • Regulatory compliance


Endpoint Protection

IOTAP Fortinet Endpoint Protection Firewall 
Microsoft Exchange 

  • Data protection & encryption
  • Device management
  • Application control
  • Asset management
  • Administration